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How it works

How it works


The meeting kick-off

We want to know who we’re dealing with just as much as you do. So be it a web-call or face-to-face meeting, this helps us understand what it is you require from us and allows us to immediately start brainstorming. 


The huddle

The final few hours will be secured for any amendments. Not only do we offer remote or on-site support, but we also encourage dry runs for crinkle ironing.


The locker room prep-talk

In understanding that this may all still be a work-in-progress, we have to start somewhere. Here, we’ll take a quick look at assets and tech requirements and recommend the best people to collaborate with; from copywriters to artworkers, data analysists – we’ve got you. 


Watch live

We will be your technical support for both in-person and virtual events, helping to pacify the stress and potential overwhelm using our experience in the field. We have tons of experience working on virtual events, and have been fully operational during COVID-19. Big or small, a screen is a screen – and we know our way around them.



At the mid-point of your project, we will regroup. In line with your wishes, from here we can assess how involved or independent you would like us to be. Communication and the ability to be flexible are paramount here, as we know that content could drip in at any moment to which we will adapt. 


A message from the sponsors

Time to present any printed or physical collateral or follow up with assets – perhaps in the form of an interactive PDF.

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From project managing with various stakeholders to crafting the narrative, design, and building the winning deck – we handle every process. Be it on Google Slides, Keynote, or PowerPoint, we will make your presentation/pitch visually impactful, hard-hitting, and memorable. 


RFP responses

With the need to paint a well-rounded and polished picture for your client of how unique your offering is, we will summarize your long-form information and integrate graphics to brand your winning ideas. We also provide copywriting and proofing services on request.


Events & workshops

Not only have we done events that scale up to arenas filled with thousands of people, but we are also experts in smaller and more intimate settings ranging from professional to quirky. Having once converted a shed-sized room into an Icelandic experience, we ‘locked’ the client in, immersing them in a full Icelandic experience to come up with some award-winning products.


Reports and
long-form docs

Experts in MS Word, we create fully editable and beautiful editorial long form documents. Reports (printed and digital), educational courses, internal company documents, the list goes on.


Webinars &

Demand peaked in 2020 for webinars, so we've mastered the art of successfully conveying complicated topics for the small screen. We've taken on countless series of e-Learning courses from start to finish. 

Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 23.37.51.png


Using PowerPoint for its ease of use when editing, iteration, and collaboration – we have experience in live-voting, Q&As, software & user experience mock-ups, as well as gaming.

Gen z.png

Market research

Knowing all we know within this realm, and given the experience we have garnered, we are professionals at spotting trends and data that can be translated into winning ideas. Working with data analysts and researchers to conduct impactful desk and field research, we're here to give a fresh prospective!

Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 18.31.00.png

Concept & branding

To add to a successful and compelling proposal, we use mockups and branding to rapidly create an interpretation of ideas that brings them to life, visually. We also create bespoke company templates (presentations, documents, charts, dashboards, forms).


Explainer videos

Last but certainly not least, we conceptualise, storyboard, project manage, direct and produce high production videos  for events, web, internal and external promotional use.

See our explainer video showreel below!

Explainer videos 

Services explained


With several pricing packages available to our clients, we invite you to get in touch with us so we can learn more about you and tailor our services for a comfortable and affordable fit.

Japanese Calendar


Gain access to a unique set of branded assets and templates, and our ongoing support. We offer ‘x’ amount of projects or "days"that you can secure and hold on tab.

Laptop and Notebook

Project base

Tailored and truly bespoke – chat with us to see how we can help you depending on your individual project.



Available ‘round the clock', we offer last-minute support including same day delivery, evening hours and  weekends. 

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